What We Do:

  • Talent Development
  • Organizational Design & Development
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Candidate Search Services (Executive, Management, and Employee)
  • Candidate Recruiting – Screening Services & Support
  • Applicant Tracking System, Follow-Up and Follow-Through Support
  • Job Descriptions, Posting and SEO
  • Candidate Assessment & Background Check Support
  • New Employee On-Boarding & Orientation
  • Performance Management Consulting – Systems, Process & Training
  • Workforce Forecasting & Planning
  • Manager & Employee Professional Development Consulting, Planning & Services
  • Manager & Employee Training-Development – Consulting, Creation, Delivery & Follow-Up (virtual or on-site)
  • Company Training Tracking Systems (Learning Management System)

Who We Are:

FFG Consulting, LLC, was created from the sincere and devoted passion for helping people and organizations achieve the success they seek.  As our founders worked in and with small, medium and Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 businesses, there was an “epiphany” that the same skills, experiences, processes and tools gained by the founders there – could and should be offered to small and medium sized businesses (5-300 employees and revenue of $50K-$200M) to fill a clear void and niche. These businesses are the core of our economy and communities. Many businesses this size are start-ups or perhaps plateauing and need to move up to the next level. Also, these businesses, their owners, managers and employees, many times do not have access to professional consulting services at a reasonable cost based on the size and revenue of their business. That’s why FFG Consulting, LLC, was “born.”  It’s the passion to help businesses and organizations that provide the economic impact, jobs and community-building that keep smaller and medium sized communities and neighborhoods alive. Businesses that find and fill a need of their audience.  Businesses and organizations that are also “born” from the passion to help people achieve the success they seek. Together, we can transform your business.